Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions

Providing reliable, expertly engineered material handling solutions for the aerospace industry

During many years of working with aerospace companies, Indeva has gained experience fulfilling the needs of those customers and rising to the challenge of incorporating the additional requirements demanded by the industry. In addition to moving and manipulating a wide variety of components and parts, testing and inspection of all critical units is necessary to ensure the reliability of the final aircraft right from its maiden flight. The manipulator must be able to not only lift and move the item, but rotate and hold it perfectly in place in order to complete the tests.

With high standards required for accuracy and speed of load positioning while handling sometimes delicate and often very costly parts, there are many demands made on the Indeva equipment by aerospace contractors. The team of experts at Indeva has the knowledge needed to design and produce a machine that will help to increase plant productivity and efficiency while handling items rapidly, gently and positioning the load precisely. In addition, a number of tools are available to attach to the manipulator body such as vacuum grippers which incorporate balancers to allow for handling offset weights.

Indeva manipulators – Working with the aerospace industry to improve material handling processes

Thanks to their innovative technology and high quality construction, Indeva manipulators have been chosen by many well-known international companies in the aerospace industry as the best solution for handling different parts of aircrafts such as:

  • wheel rims
  • moulds
  • blades
  • auto body sheet metal parts
  • engines

Indeva manipulators distinguish themselves from other lifting equipment by:

  • meeting higher standards for safety devices
  • including higher precision standards in load positioning
  • making much smoother movements than an air balancer, with no need to wait for the balancer to catch up. INDEVA manipulators include auto weight sense and auto balancing in real time
  • moving with the operator’s hand, so the faster he moves the faster it moves: it’s an extension of the operator’s arm


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