Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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Whether handling bulky or heavy objects, or carrying out repetitive tasks, manual material handling is well-known to cause a variety of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).

The stress and strains on the human body during manual material handling and lifting tasks can mean that employees may need to take a number of days off sick, thereby leaving your production line understaffed and as a result, less profitable.

Scaglia Indeva’s electronic industrial manipulators are designed to improve ergonomics and safety in material handling across a wide and varied range of applications and have been described as ‘human extenders’.

Our electronic industrial manipulators, or intelligent devices for handling (INDEVAs), combine the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator with the power of a machine.  This means that we can provide customers with intelligent lifting solutions to enable operators to lift and manoeuvre loads naturally as if it were an extension of their own arm.  In fact, a human extender!

The advanced electronic control system means that INDEVAs enable fast, smooth and precise load lifting and placement whilst giving the operator complete control, and without causing any stress or strain on their body.  With auto-weight sensing and balancing features, the INDEVA constantly senses the load weight, adjusting the balancing accordingly as the weight changes.  This enables the operator to handle loads with varying weight or those that change weight whilst being handled, doing so without interrupting their handling operations to adjust load settings or press buttons.  Those using our equipment have commented that they are able to handle loads in such an intuitive way, almost forgetting they are using a machine.

For more information on our range of innovative and advance material handling equipment, or if you would like to discuss your production line requirements, please give us a call on 01246 252333, or email