Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
Industrial Manipulators and Material Handling Solutions
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If there is one thing that business owners have to deal with on a daily basis, it is the health and safety of their employees.  Whatever field your business operates in, there are strict rules and guidelines that you have to follow in relation to safety.  This is especially true for those that require  manual handling of any description.  From production and assembly lines to warehouse and storage, manual material handling contributes to a large percentage of strains and sprains to the back, neck and upper limbs.

Studies show that companies who install industrial manipulators, such as Scaglia Indeva’s range of electronic intelligent devices for handling, have had a significant and positive impact on ergonomic safety.  They have been proven to improve operator wellness and lower the incidence and severity of manual material handling-related injuries.


Our industrial manipulators have been designed to satisfy the growing need for increased safety in the workplace, as well as higher productivity.  Not only has this been achieved, it also has contributed to a reduction of product damage.


How do industrial manipulators improve safety in the workplace?

Industrial manipulators are equipped with advanced microprocessor technology which enables operators to lift and move heavy and bulky loads effortlessly.  Featuring a number of innovative features, industrial manipulators are:


  • Versatile and safe. Manipulators can be equipped with countless types of lifting and gripping tools that retain hold on the load in the event of an accident, or even power failure. Thanks to their lighter and more compact design, it provides the operator with greater visibility of the work area, making it easy to manoeuvre the load, even into the most restrictive areas.


  • Auto-weight sensing and auto-balancing of loads. The operator can handle loads of different sizes and weights without interrupting handling operations.


  • Using the ‘Floating’ feature, the operator is able to place both hands on the load, giving maximum control and precise load placement. In addition, they provide a swift, immediate response to the operator’s movements up and down, and at the same time drastically reduce starting, acceleration and deceleration forces. Even the heaviest loads can be moved easily.

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